Career Transition for Exceptional

Senior Professionals

Your career is at stake.

No time to fool around.

Wednesday, Sep. 28th @ 6PM CET

5.00pm UK / 12.00pm ET / 09.00am PT


The number one reason that holds back C-level Managers

and Directors' transition is

they haven't got the plan. 

I'm here to have your back. 

In this Masterclass, you´ll learn:

  • Why you should transition NOW before the “door closes.”
  • What career opportunities are there for C-level Managers and Directors, and what suits you BEST.
  • The first steps to PLANNING a successful transition.

You need a role that supports your lifelong purpose and vision.

You don't have to figure it all out on your own. Get it done for you.

In 60 minutes, you´ll draft a quick plan with:

  • CLARITY, know where you want to go and why.
  • FOCUS, select a handful of actions to help you move the needle.
  • CERTAINTY, work on your mindset and presentation to land your dream role.

Hi, I´m Simona Spilak. 

In 2016 I resigned from a senior manager position in the pharma industry to establish myself as a successful business owner.

My company, BOC Institute, has become one of the leading consulting agencies for international companies operating in Slovenia and South-East Europe in five years.

We offer executive search, leadership assessments, and leadership development programs to C-Suite managers. I couldn´t stop at one and created Simona Spilak International Coaching.

There I provide executive coaching programs to a curated clientele of CEOs and Directors to guide their career transition and leadership development.

You can take my word as

an executive search expert.

Recruiters and executive search agencies won´t work for you unless…

You have in place all we cover in this program. 

Plus, agencies are NOT your only option.

You can find opportunities within your network, inside your company, as attendees at conferences, events, and others. In the program, you´ll learn to leverage all the potential you´re, most likely, overlooking.

This Masterclass is 0€, but the

seats are limited to 60.

This Masterclass will be held on Zoom on Wednesday, 28th September at 06.00pm CET / 05.00pm UK / 12.00pm ET. The recording will be available upon registration.

 However, I´d love you to attend live. I´m opening one hot seat on the call to solve your career challenges on the spot (for free!). Plus, there will be plenty of opportunities to ask your specific career question during the live Masterclass (without your name being exposed!).